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Mutation entry does not confer any right, title or interest and is only for the fiscal purpose


Petitioner filed application to mutate his name in revenue records on the basis of the will.

The High Court held that once the will is disputed and even otherwise the petitioner who is claiming rights/title on the basis of the will, the remedy available to the petitioner would be to file a suit. Hence this Special Leave Petition.


As per the settled proposition of law, if there is any dispute with respect to the title and more particularly when the mutation entry is sought to be made on the basis of the will, the party who is claiming title/right on the basis of the will has to approach the appropriate civil court/court and get his rights crystalized and only thereafter on the basis of the decision before the civil court necessary mutation entry can be made.


It cannot be said that the High Court has committed any error in setting aside the order passed by the revenue authorities directing to mutate the name of the petitioner herein in the revenue records on the basis of the alleged will dated 20.05.1998 and relegating the petitioner to approach the appropriate court to crystalize his rights on the basis of the alleged will dated 20.05.1998. We are in complete agreement with the view taken by the High Court.

Accordingly, Petition Dismissed.


Lately, this judgment has been removed from the Supreme court Website and its also not traceable in High Court of Madhya Pradesh. So, please check before citing that whether this judgment has been restored or not.

This judgment has been shared in social media and in connection we also find this judgment helpful. So, we dissected as much as we could. In connection to this, we have attached the copy of judgment from Live Law Website.

Link to the Judgment –


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