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The petition for bail


The supreme court has taken the court to the hearing of the criminal  bail with the consent of  the parties, where under a special  leave petition being filed the court has ordered a stay  upon the release of respondent no. 1 of the cases.


The party has reached the supreme court leaving behind the judgement given by the high court of judicature at allahabad.

The notice issued mentions that among the  19 witnesses presented before the court nine including the four public witnesses have been examined, however the case to move further towards justice the rest witnesses are to  be examined.

Also,  the court has ordered the authorities in charge to complete the trial within a period of  6 months, failure of which shall lead the respondent to file a fresh application of bail which will be recorded  in accordance with law.


By examining the facts and the nature of arguments the court has granted bail, to respondent no. 1, Abdul Qadir.

Reported by: Manjusha Siriparapu (Army Institute of Law, Mohali).

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